Design for Alien scripts

A design list for terrible alien script.

-Characters: – Linda the sexy nurse, Frighten boy Jimmy, 2 x Mp -guards, Colonel Wilson, 2 x evil airforce men

-Locations -Jimmy’s bedroom, airforce base, Colonel Wilson’s office

-props/ vehicles – guad station, white ford, air force jeep, chairs, phone

Time to do some googling……

History of Nurse Uniforms

Bah! I don’t understand how the nurse uniform got warped into ‘the sexy nurse uniform’

Note especially the high starched collar and long hem line. Nothing sexy about it at all. Incidentally, I also researched sexy pharmacist and came up with nothing -seems no one’s getting excited about the lab coat.

(Picture on the left I got from some porn site)

And as for the ford……

Some quick sketches of planes…..


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Assignment one

Time to put everything into practice starting with a badly written alien script and ending in an animatic

Here is the break down of the script……

     FADE IN:
     A BOY in a BED ... tossing, turning ...
     a STORM outside ...
     He's ASLEEP and dreaming ...
 (E.S of outside of house, zoom in through dark window, silhoette of boy asleep)
                                                   DISSOLVE TO:
     A large, forbidding military installation.
     Set back off the road with chainlink fences around it.
     Sign in front, illuminated by spotlights, reads:
     (E.S of military base, zoom in to sign)
                       GROVE AIR FORCE BASE
                        AIR DEFENSE COMMAND
     In front is a GUARD STATION with two SENTRIES.
//(cut to M.S. of guard station)
     An occasional jet test FIRING in the background.
     A car -- a small white FORD -- comes CAREENING up to
     the sentry box, doing a good 65 mph.
(LS pans across screen as car drives up to box)
     The M.P.s snap to, made nervous by the car's approach.
     They flag it down.
     In the car are a CRAZED WOMAN and a FRIGHTENED BOY.
                          (in through open
                           car window)
                 What's happening here, Ma'am?
(MS of woman behind the wheel)
                 We must see Colonel Wilson.
     The M.P. studies her.(OTS)
                                 THE BOY
                 Yes.  We have to see him.  Call him.
                 He talked at my school.  He said we
                 could come here any time we wanted.
                 I have to tell him what's happening.
(shot of boy in back seat)
                 It's extremely important.  I'm the nurse
                 for the Tri-School District.  It's a
                 public health problem.
                          (to Sentry in box)
                 Go ahead.
(Camera pulls back to show car, MP and Sentry)
     The Sentry picks up the base telephone.
     COLONEL WILSON -- a handsome, sturdy looking man of middle
     age -- is standing in his office with an AIDE (SERGEANT
     RINALDI) -- both of them looking out the window at something
     we can't see.  The PHONE RINGS.
(Cuts to a CU of telephone ringing, as hand reaches to pick up receiver)
     Sgt. Rinaldi picks it up.
(zooms to MS of Sgt. Behind him the Colonel is looking out the window)
                                 SGT. RINALDI
                          (into phone)
                 Base Commander's office.  Yes.
                          (looks at Colonel
                           Wilson, and holds
                           the phone out to him)
                                 COL. WILSON
                          (taking the phone)
                 This is Colonel Wilson.
                 Yes, I did speak at the Hillcrest
                 School a couple of days ago.
                          (listens -- looks
                           at Rinaldi)
                 Really.  Hm.  Very well.  Send
                 them up.  No, not in their own
                 car.  Have them driven up.
     He puts down the phone.
                                 COL. WILSON (CONT'D)
                 Now what?
     Rinaldi looks at the wall clock.  10:45.
(Cuts to clock, turns back to window, POV shot as he peers through the blinds –striated view)
                 You better not keep them here too
                 damn long.
     Rina1di closes the levelor blinds.
(eerie foreboding music)
(Wide shot outside the complex of Jeep approaching)
     The WOMAN and the BOY with two M.P.s, being driven across
     the Air Base.  The BOY is 11 years old, and scared-looking.
     The WOMAN is attractive, in her late 20's, wearing a **white
     nurse's uniform**.
(CU of interior of car –Woman and Boy)
     The lights are on all over the base.  Jeeps coming and
(POV from boy’s perspective as he looks out the window)
     Suddenly, the Boy -- looking around as they drive --
     SEES something, and tugs at the Woman's arm.
(cut to MS of action interior car)
     She looks where he is pointing.  He points out TWO AIR
     FORCE MEN in **Air Force blue**, loading some equipment into
     an Air Force PICKUP.
(back to POV shot of outside action)S
     The Woman and the Boy's faces show grave concern as they
     stare at the TWO AIRMEN by the pickup.  They say nothing.
     The Woman and the Boy are escorted in by an AIDE (CAPTAIN
     CURTIS).  Colonel Wilson shakes their hands.
                                 COL. WILSON
                          (shaking their hands)
                 I'm Colonel Wilson.  This is Sergeant
                                 THE WOMAN
                 I'm Linda Magnuson.  I'm the nurse for
                 the Tri-School District, which includes
                 the Hillcrest School.
                                 COL. WILSON
                 You mentioned something about a public
                 health problem.
                 I'll get to that.  This is Jimmy Gardner,
                 a pupil at Hillcrest.
                                 COL. WILSON
                          (taking it in)
                 Won't you sit down.
                          (gestures to chairs)
     Everyone sits.  The Colonel folds his hands on his desk.
                                 COL. WILSON (CONT'D)
                 Please tell me what's on your minds.
     Linda looks at Jimmy.
                          (looks at Linda; then
                           at the Colonel)
                 First I have to look at the back of
                 your neck.
     The Colonel looks baffled.  Exchanges glances with Sgt.
                 He's serious, Colonel.
     Rinaldi watches suspiciously as the Colonel turns and lets
     Jimmy look at the back of his neck.  The boy studies his
     neck closely, pulling down his collar.
                 All right.  I had to be sure.
                                 COL. WILSON
                 Sure of what?
     Jimmy and Linda look at each other again.
                 It's rather difficult to tell this
                 story.  Yesterday Jimmy came to see
                 me in my office.  He was very upset...

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Working on animatics……

Week6 and 7: -So we are now getting into all the little details of pre-production.

So far, the process seems to be

1. Read the script: – break down into keys (main characters, extra characters,  costumes, vehicles, props, story beats, special effects.

2. Plan the shots -write it down in the script eg MS, CU, ECU, POV, camera pans left, camera zooms in etc etc

3. Write a design list – get to know the characters, locations, props, atmosphere. This will help with the storyboarding

4. Storyboarding- think about design elements, camera shots, editing techniques, layout!

I will add the links to lecture notes here! I will! Mental note to me: – Get off your arse and add links to the lecture notes!!!!!!!

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More information on camera angles and type of shots

Here are some more websites that have good examples of types of camera angles and shots…..

And here are some good examples of storyboards……….

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Storyboard for Detective story

Here is the storyboard exercise we started in class before the Easter holiday. The scenario is about a woman who sits in a coffee shop spying on the shop across the road……

It took awhile to get the hang of this. Usually when I watch a movie I get really into the storyline. I’ve never thought much about camera angles, cuts, pans and stuff like that.

Now, I’m always consciously aware of the technical side of things and its really quite annoying watching a movie.

I found that if I keep the storyboard panel zoomed out, I can’t focus on little fine details and I end up with a well composed, balanced shot. If I zoom in too soon to clean up the lines, I end up wasting a lot of time on itsy bitsy detail when the perpective is all wrong or else it’s not a very good angle.

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Script breakdown

Here is the breakdown for a the script Sunset Boulevard. I chose this script because I’ve heard Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical take on it but have never seen the movie. Plus, I am interested in the film noir genre and would like to eventually draw some of the shots I’ve described in the breakdown -if I ever get enough time…..


Also I’m not very familiar with technical film language – like camera movements -so I found this useful link….

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screen shots from Vertigo

Examples of dramatic screen shots…..






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Here are some life drawing pictures that I particularly like. Not all of them are fully rendered. For me, I like gestural drawings and sometimes, I like a drawing that I may have only spent 10 minutes on, provided I’ve captured the right lines.

On Monday, I learnt about

Countour drawing: -draw lines that describe the topography of the body even if it means cutting into the body. Don’t draw outlines.

Use minimal lines but what lines I choose to use should suggest important information about the figure.

Draw muscle shapes






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More drawings for the Unnamable monster

I spent this week coming up with new ideas for the unnamable.

Here is an attempt at a female monster….


Showed Mark and he suggested some modifications based on silhouettes and better negative shapes….


This last one I don’t like as much. I did a front and back version. I think I’m running out of ideas….



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The Unnamable

Week 1 We read a short story by H P Lovecraft called The Unnamable. It was a very loooooong short story filled with loooooong descriptions of a monster that dwelled within the an attic. Here is the link

I pulled out some key descriptions and based my drawings of the monster on these. I also concentrated on silhouettes. My second design is actually just a refinement of my first one but with a better silhouette. I was more empathetic to the monster who peeked into people’s windows because he was lonely and sad as oopposed to the later accounts of a beast who haunted and terrorised.

‘….the thing was born, grew up, looked into people’s windows at night and now hid in the attic of a house….’


The top image is a refinement of the lower image. I tried to improve the silhoette to give it a more interesting shape whilst still retaining the sadness of the monster.


Here are some of the other words I pulled out….

‘….footprints a mix of split hoove and vaguely anthropoid paws….’

‘Windows retain latent images of those who had sat at them….’

‘…..(victims bore)…..horn marks on their chest, ape-like claws on their back…’

‘….(it) floated about on moonless nights and haunted the house, the crypt and the grave….’

‘Human jaw with four inch horn, a bull, a gelatin, slime, a thousand shapes of horror….’

For this next design, I concentrated on grotesque exaggeration. I tried to avoid that image of a monster with huge biceps and a jaw defying dislocation. Instead, I took into consideration monsters which scare me -particularly old men with pustules wearing a lawyer wig.


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