Artists who inspire me……

I’ve been thinking about what is involved with documenting the whole artistic process. For years, I’ve kept an art diary (old discipline I kept up from highschool art) so I find blogging really annoying.

I’ve always considered myself a fine artist as opposed to an animator having studied sculpture, ceramics and painting at tafe for a few years. So out of interest for this new area I’m exploring, I’ve been trying to do some research into digital artists. But alas, not many strike my fancy. A lot of digital art I’ve seen fall under the fantasy genre. As I was describing to a friend the other day, I find it is all showy and impressive but lacking finer subtlety- Shoshtakovich as opposed to Mozart.

Anyway, one of the pre-production group members did turn out a digital artist that I really like… is her link

And this is a link to an illustrator that I’ve always liked….

Above is an example of a picture from a children’s book called The Red Tree. It reminds me of a surrealist art piece. The colours are lovely subtle ochres. Very charming without any of that flashy stuff!

These days most of my ideas draw from my favourite painting era -impressionaist, post=impressionist and early twentienth centure (Cubism and Surrealism)

Above is an example of one of my favourite artist George Seurat. I was lucky enough to see this piece ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the island of la Grande Jatte’ up close at Musee De Orsay in Paris. I put this example in because it is an excellent example of pointillism. It always reminds me of pixelated digital art or those photomosaic images. One big image made up of thousands of little images……

It is an effect that I think can be imitated easily in Photoshop to give this lovely design aesthetic.


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