The Robber Bridegroom

Our group decided to do The Robber Bridegroom, one of the more disturbing tales from the brother Grimms.

Below is a link the fairytale:-

After spending a couple of weeks researching, we finally decided to do a breakdown of the fairytale. We broke it down into storybeats, characters, props and invented a back story. This really helped give direction to our work.

Our new approach was to choose a story beat each. As we drew the storybeat, we designed the props and characters and backgrounds that needed to go with each storybeat.


The miller’s home 1


-front room


the ore mill attached to the side of the house


-Period kitchen utensils, pots and pans, fireplace

The dark forest 1



-Path of ashes

-Bride spends almost the whole day walking through it





The middle of the forest 1


-Darkest part of the forest

-Contains a solitary house which the bride doesn’t like “for it looked so dark and dismal”




Inside the derelict house


-The most absolute stillness reigns, entirely empty

-Various rooms (whole house needs to be designed) –especially the kitchen/ eating area and cella

-Stairs (to cellar)


Dining Room

-Empty birdcage

– various weapons –guns, axe, knives, rifles etc

-rocking chair for the crazy old lady?

– mining equipment hung up on the walls


-hooks for hanging things

-table to throw the prostitute onto

-wine glasses –red, yellow and white wine

-whore’s finger with gold ring


Candle/ gas lantern

-cleeping draught


-cutlery, pots and pans

The cellar

-Stairs (from house)


-Hogshead (large barrel/cask)


-How many victims have been killed and eaten here?

-How have they been killed?

-Where is the hogshead from? A former owner of the house, or has the gang brought it in?

-Where is the wine from? Is there a wine rack?

-How tidy do the gang keep the cellar? Do they clean up after meals?

-Do they usually sleep in the cellar? Do they have anything to sleep on/in?

-What do the gang do with the torn clothes? The victim’s other belongings?

The middle of the forest 2


-Moonlit –silvery ghost eucalyptus trees

-Still contains a solitary house which the bride doesn’t like “for it looked so dark and dismal”

-Peas and lentils have sprouted and show the way out of the forest



Horsies with saddles and riders…..



The good characters or victims

The Miller – James Edwards –a stupid but good natured man who wants his daughter to be taken care of.

The Bride – Elizabeth Edwards, simple peasant girl, keeps house for her brother and father. Relunctant to marry Artemis Crowley

Peter Edwards – Elizabeth’s brother, helps out at the mill

The Bird – annoying and prophetic

Old Woman Crowley –neither good nor evil. Mother of Artemis Crowley, warns Elizabeth against the murderer but she still loves her son and will not dob him in.

Mob at the wedding who lynches the evil men:-

-2 jackaroos

-a buffed, bible preaching priest


The back story

Artemis Crowley, a sociopath and con-man had to leave England quickly because he ‘resembled’ a convicted murderer by the name of ‘Bartemus Rowley’, wanted for the murder of a prostitute. He uses his money to buy some land and employs the ‘Godless crew’ to work for him –farming, mining for gold ( as it was gold rush time) and odd jobs around the place.

However, times were rough and everyone was poor and hungry

One day little Billy has a farming accident. As he was going to die anyway, he begs the rest of them to eat his body to sustain themselves. Which they do. Afterwards, Susasanah (the house help) freaks out and threatens to report them to the authorities. They have a fight which results in Susannah’s accidental death. As she was dead anyway and they HAD to dispose of her body and they weren’t hungry anymore, a scheme was devised by Artemis to cut off the meat and sell it to the increasing Chinese population who had arrrived in droves to Engles Bird to make their fortunes in the mine. Hence began their notorious careers.

Artemis Crowley – ringleader, bridegroom, sociopath who was methodical and clever, wants to kill in an organised manner by luring out young virgins to his hovel.

Angus McTassel – large, burly man, impulsive and violent, drags victims in from the streets, challenges Artemis for leadership occasionally with his impulsive actions

Babbit –unknown character????

Maddox- chinese, name translates to pile of shit, the interpreter and mediator for the gang to sell the meat to the chinese, the other gang members treat him like a second rate citizen an always makes racist jokes against him


  1. Artemis Crawley pulls up in his carriage outside James Edwards mill. As he discusses business with James, he sees Elizabeth in the kitchen stirring crud on an 19th century stovetop . He makes an offer of marriage. Elizabeth is unenthusiastic. Artemis leans on the door and points to the hills.

‘My house is in the forest. Come and visit and I shall strewn ashes onto the ground to show you the way.’

  1. Elizabeth walks through the forest strewing beans.

  1. Kookaburra warns ‘Beware’

  1. In the cella, old woman Crawley warns ‘Beware!’

  1. Artemis, Angus and Gang returns home dragging with them a whore with a heart-of-gold. They throw her on the table, feed her wines of 3 different colours, rip of her clothes, kill her and cut off her meat.

  1. Angus cuts off the finger which flies through the air and into Beth’s tits.

  1. Old Woman Crawley calls up from the cellar ,’Bed time boys, look for the severed finger tomorrow.’

  1. Old Woman Crawley sneakily pours a sleeping draught in to their wines and drug them.

  1. When they are asleep, Beth sneaks up from the cellar stepping over their bodies as she makes her way outside

  1. Once outside, Beth sees the trail of beans which have sprouted up and follow them home

  1. Wedding banquet. Beth makes a toast retelling her ‘dream’ She ends by pulling out the severed finger.

  1. The ‘mob’ lynches the evil gang.


Engels Bird

Frontier town/ shanty town

No authorities, lawless society

Brothels, grog/ sly houses, some basic businesses such as mining supplies store

Makeshift homes of scrap wood and metal

The Billabong

Where the wedding banquet takes place

The Gold Fields

Props for mining


Loads of chinese/ immigrants in makeshit tents


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