Some easy photoshop tutorials

Here are a couple of photoshop tutorials I found which were helpful. Probably very easy for most people. I’m doing a wedding invitation design for a friend who specifically requested hearts and roses despite the advice of interested people.

So I did a few preliminary sketches and decided the least tacky way to incorporate hearts was to do it like a swinging chunky pendulum and make it like a metal locket.

So I had to find a tutorial on making objects look metallic. This provided one way of doing it which could be tweaked and played with to get many different effects….

And I found this tut while I was at it…..


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Godfather script

I watched the Godfather for the first time last week….AND THEN RE-WATCHED IT A WEEK LATER JUST TO ANALYSE THE STORYBOARDS. Damn pre-production. I’ve never re-watched anything in my life! My movie watching experience has been completely changed (mutter, mutter, grumble)

Then I went to and grabbed the opening segment of the script.

godfather script -opening sequence

So here is a rough broken down storyboard of  The Godfather opening sequence. I probably should have used the storyboards provided in class. Oh well, if good intentions count, I intend to analyse a storyboard a fortnight. Its actually very helpful. I wish I’d done it BEFORE i handed in the animatic.

The drawings are very rough but I see how the director has set up the whole scene in his head beforehand and then just staged cameras at different locations to slowly, slowly reveal the entire scene.

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More character designs for stupid alien script

So here are some more character and costume designs for the alien script…..

It turned out to be a good idea to do profile, 3/4, front on and back view for the main characters. I ended up cutting them up in photoshop and pasting them directly onto the storyboard. It was a good way to work out which characters need to go where to balance the shot and to create a more interesting design.

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