Design for Alien scripts

A design list for terrible alien script.

-Characters: – Linda the sexy nurse, Frighten boy Jimmy, 2 x Mp -guards, Colonel Wilson, 2 x evil airforce men

-Locations -Jimmy’s bedroom, airforce base, Colonel Wilson’s office

-props/ vehicles – guad station, white ford, air force jeep, chairs, phone

Time to do some googling……

History of Nurse Uniforms

Bah! I don’t understand how the nurse uniform got warped into ‘the sexy nurse uniform’

Note especially the high starched collar and long hem line. Nothing sexy about it at all. Incidentally, I also researched sexy pharmacist and came up with nothing -seems no one’s getting excited about the lab coat.

(Picture on the left I got from some porn site)

And as for the ford……

Some quick sketches of planes…..


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