The Unnamable

Week 1 We read a short story by H P Lovecraft called The Unnamable. It was a very loooooong short story filled with loooooong descriptions of a monster that dwelled within the an attic. Here is the link

I pulled out some key descriptions and based my drawings of the monster on these. I also concentrated on silhouettes. My second design is actually just a refinement of my first one but with a better silhouette. I was more empathetic to the monster who peeked into people’s windows because he was lonely and sad as oopposed to the later accounts of a beast who haunted and terrorised.

‘….the thing was born, grew up, looked into people’s windows at night and now hid in the attic of a house….’


The top image is a refinement of the lower image. I tried to improve the silhoette to give it a more interesting shape whilst still retaining the sadness of the monster.


Here are some of the other words I pulled out….

‘….footprints a mix of split hoove and vaguely anthropoid paws….’

‘Windows retain latent images of those who had sat at them….’

‘…..(victims bore)…..horn marks on their chest, ape-like claws on their back…’

‘….(it) floated about on moonless nights and haunted the house, the crypt and the grave….’

‘Human jaw with four inch horn, a bull, a gelatin, slime, a thousand shapes of horror….’

For this next design, I concentrated on grotesque exaggeration. I tried to avoid that image of a monster with huge biceps and a jaw defying dislocation. Instead, I took into consideration monsters which scare me -particularly old men with pustules wearing a lawyer wig.



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